10 Interesting Facts

  • 17 October 2021
  1. Canva was created in 2011 by two friends who were unhappy with the design of their wedding invitations.
  2. The application can be used on all devices, including tablets.
  3. Canva contains templates for different types of prints, including business cards, logos, flyers, brochures, posters, and more.
  4. An update to the application was released in October 2017 that included new templates for infographics, like-buttons, and animated GIFs.
  5. For a while, Canva had the "Best Design App" award on the Apple App Store.
  6. Canva is available in six languages: English, American English, Australian English, British English, Spanish, and French.
  7. The application has an online, interactive color palette.
  8. More than 250 million images are available for use on Canva.
  9. Users can upload their own photos and logos to use on Canva.
  10. Users can access Canva through the website or through the app.

Latest News

  • New Update: Bug Fixes New Update: Bug Fixes The latest updates for Canva were released on September 01, 2021 and include: New Drag and drop function to move and resize text and shapes. Press and hold to drag and drop text and shapes from one canvas to another. Improved Drag and drop of shapes and text now work on mobile. Fix drag...
    • 15 October, 2021
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  • The Latest Update! The Latest Update! The latest Canva app update brings a number of new features and changes to the popular design tool. The update includes a number of fixes and tweaks to the interface, including a fix for a bug that would cause a user’s canvas to disappear when they zoom in too close. The update also includes...
    • 13 October, 2021
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