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Canva is a tool for creating beautiful designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more. It is a design platform that’s used by millions of people around the world. From creating professional reports to designing compelling visual presentations, Canva pro is trusted by professionals for mission-critical work.

This tool also makes it easy to collaborate, share, and access your team’s designs, assets, and brand assets from anywhere.

Best Platform for Designers

It is a cloud-based platform that you can use to create and edit images, graphics, and designs. You can download Canva app by signing up for free. You'll receive 30 templates, access to over 1 million stock images, and a drag-and-drop tool.

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Best Platform for Designers
Best Tool for Any Devices

Best Tool for Any Devices

Company offers a host of visual Canva app free for creating engaging, beautiful social posts and ads. 2 million+ professional templates, drag and drop design, free image library, customizable designs, cloud storage, collaboration tools, social media integration, and more.

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Tool for Work & Study

Tool comes with a range of ready-made templates by professionals. Just choose a design, replace the text and images with your own and its a beautiful design. Canva app for Work also comes with a range of high-quality stock photos you can use for free. Your Brand is what sets you apart. Canva free lets you add your logo and brand colors to your projects. That way, you and your colleagues always represent your company, no matter what you’re working on.

Stay organized by creating folders to store your project in. With Canva design, you can organize your folders however you like, and move your designs from one folder to another.
App comes with a team library, which lets you and your colleagues share project with each other.

Brand Library has your brand colors, logos and fonts, so you can create a consistent brand experience. Dashboard and Templates let you create beautiful presentations, moodboards, reports, and more. Stay in sync. All your team’s designs, fonts, and colors are saved in your Brand Library. Use Canva templates to save time - or create your own from scratch.

Why do People Choose Canva Software?

  • It a is a simple to use app, it’s tool, its free templates and ready to use images help to create stunning graphic design.
  • Design skills - tool has skills, it can help to create graphics from shapes, text and images, it also allow you to clone images and easily resize images.
  • Images - It has millions of free and premium images, you can upload your own images too.
  • Fonts - app has hundreds of fonts, typography and text effects.
  • Colors - Canva online graphic design has an amazing color palette, it allows you to change colors, also it has a color picker to select any color.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't I see my uploaded images in the Canva desktop app?
    If you are unable to see your uploaded images, it might be because the image is already used, so we recommend that you upload a new one.
  • How do I download Canva?
    It is free if you are simply using an app to make project, share and print them. If you want to have access to premium elements and features, you can download Canva laptop for Work at $12 a month.
  • What is the difference between the free and paid version?
    While using the free version of the app, you can use the basic features. This means, using the basic features of this tool, you can create only 30 images in a month. And you cannot download Canva Windows. For using tool for Work, you must buy the paid version.
  • Can I upload my own fonts to Canva pro free?
    Yes. You can easily upload your own fonts or you can also upload fonts which are available for free.

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